Success Stories

Eye Therapy has helped me a lot. It helped me play football and basketball. When I come they always give me a warm welcome. It's fun to do Eye Therapy and the best part is you get a certificate at the end. -Matthew

Thank you Ms. Alma for knowing the right exercises that would help me! Each week I got better and better at them. -Lucy

Before I started Vision Therapy I got carsick whenever I read in the car. My handwriting was a mess. Now I don't get carsick anymore and my handwriting has improved. I got contact to help my eyes to see better. Thank you Kristin for helping me! -Madeline

Vision Therapy is very fun and difficult for me. My favorite part is learning who all the presidents were by the pictures. I think the most difficult thing for me was the Hart Chart and Slap Tap E! But with hard work and lots of practice I made it through almost all of them. When I was in 3rd grade and had to take the End of Grade tests, I only scored a 2 and had to retake my reading test. Then at the beginning of 4th grade I started Vision Therapy with Ms. Alma. You won't believe it but I got a 4 on my End of Grade tests! I really believe that Vision Therapy was the reason I did so good. Thank you so much Ms.Alma and Dr. Durham. I'm going to miss you. -Joshua

My success story began when I first started therapy. I had trouble reading and spelling before I started therapy. I started to notice a difference in the middle of therapy of how my reading started to improve and my spelling got better, so I started to work extra hard for example I was reading more fluently and I was much faster, and my spelling got much better. Another way therapy was useful is I didn't need as much help with my writing. I noticed a big improvement I could read bigger books and harder books at the very end of therapy. I was a bigger and better reader and speller and it was all thanks to Ms. Alma. -Madelyn

Dear Ms. Alma guess what? On my End of Year testing I scored 4th and 5th grade in reading. -Katie

Amber's grades have improved two letter grades in math. She now enjoys reading, while before Vision Therapy she hated reading! This has been the most wonderful thing that has happened to us as parents as well as to Amber. She has now been out of therapy for two months and this nine weeks grading period she has straight A's. I always knew she could do the work that was presented to her in school, and since therapy she has proved that she is an A student. I would have  recommended this program to other parents. I have praised this program to teachers, principals and parents. I would still like Dr. Durham to speak with our PTA at Four Oaks Elementary School. Deficient visually-related learning skills is a problem that needs more attention and recognition! -Sherrie

Vision Therapy has helped me gain confidence in my vision. Before Vision Therapy I didn't feel the way I do now. At first I didn't know why I had to do Vision Therapy but now that I see how it's helped me I thank my parents for making me stick with it and I think it was great! I hope you will has as good as an experience as I did. -Harper

Hi, my name is Will. After 12 months, Ms.Alma helped me retire from Vision Therapy. My eyes are working together better. I'm glad I went to Vision Therapy. -Will

Vision Therapy has helped me read faster and write cursive better and do my school work better. Thanks Ms. Alma. -Courtney

Vision Therapy has helped me a lot. I can now read better, see better, and look around so much better. It has also loosened my eyes so I can relax. That is how Vision Therapy has helped me. Vision Therapy was fun and I even got straights A's on my report card! -Jonathan

Dear Dr. Durham and Alam, Drew recently went for an eye exam with Dr. Hammond and we are happy to tell you that Drew sees 20/20 with both eyes and shows no sign of "Eye Turn". Angie, Drew and I are very excited about this. Although it took a lot of hard work on Drew's part he owes a lot to the two of you. We can't thank you enough. We will always remember you. -Andy, Angie, and Drew

I've had Vision Therapy for 3D Sessions. When I started my right eye was a little bit lazy. By the end of the all the sessions both of my eyes were almost on the same level. It makes me feel lots better knowing that none of my eyes are slacking off. -Bamise

Vision Therapy was hard but it seemed to get easier after time because my eyes are getting better. Sometimes I didn't want to do it at all but the thing that kept me going was my family and my teacher Ms. Alma! All the teachers are very kind and nice. -Michelle

The thought of my lazy eye progressively getting worse in my last ten years began to gnaw at me. An evening of research led me to the highly qualified Dr. Susan Durham and her wonderful, supportive staff who introduced me to Vision Therapy exercises. With nothing to lose, I began the rehabilitations process. Now two years later my eyes have improved. I am able to see in 3D with a sharp clarity I had not possessed before. The entire process being gradual takes a strong drive and patience, but it is an obvious difference and worth everything you dedicate to it. -Nazar

We're excited to share our experience with Vision Therapy. Jack has Intermittant Exotropia and was always showing us his "trick" of turning his eye out and seeing double. We brought him to Doctor's Vision Therapy to get a second opinion and to see what could be done to help him. Jack has always been a good student but he had some difficulty with hand eye coordination. He started Vision Therapy and we were hoping that it would also help with some of his attention issues. It was tough at first. The activities were hard for him and he resisted the homework he was given. After about 20 sessions, we noticed that he was much more compliant and he seemed to be better focused. Jack has noticed that he has more confidence while reading and he enjoys sports more. He is an avid swimmer, golfer, skier, and basketball player. He also loves to ride his bike, scooter, and is an exceptional ripstick rider! His balance has improved and his coaches have commented about his improvement in coordination. He says "I can read faster now and make more shots at basketball". Overall, we think Vision Therapy is worth the cost and effort. It has helped Jack in many ways thus far and we believe it will continue to help him through the years. Thank you Kristen, Alma, and Dr. Durham! -Jack

Vision Therapy has given our daughter back her confidence about school. We began Vision Therapy at a point when reading the board and taking notes was difficult and working for long periods was challenging. We have seen great improvements in these areas but have been most pleased that she no longer dreads school or homework. Dr. Durham and Alma helped our daughter get excited about getting (and wearing) glasses. Alma was always very encouraging of our daughter and seemed genuinely pleased to see her at each appointment. When our daughter was having trouble staying motivated to do the activities, Alma provided rationales and encouragement and even revamped the curriculum as needed to give our daughter a sense of control and accomplishment with the home activities. We greatly appreciate the contributions that Alma and Dr. Durham have made in our daughter's well being.


Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "We use Anderson Optometry for all of our family’s vision needs. Recently, we had to have our youngest fitted for new glasses and he made the experience fun for her and informative for us. We know Dr. Anderson will always take good care of our family’s eye care and that’s why we wouldn’t go to anywhere else."
    The Harrison Family
  • "Dr. Anderson and his staff are so patient and friendly. Dr. Anderson prescribed me glasses and I had the toughest time picking out frames. They didn’t rush, but instead made helpful suggestions and now I have an awesome pair of frames, not to mention the fact that I can see ten times better than before. You guys are the best!"


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  • "Excellent office. Staff is helpful and polite when dealing with my special needs child. They understand when he needs break and how to redirect to another technique to achieve goal. Would highly recommend to others!"
    Jennifer, Raleigh, NC
  • "I needed an eye doctor to see me for my concussion issue that effected my eyesight. There isn't many who are able to assess. Dr. Durham knew just how to work with my case in a gentle manner to help keep me calm. I finally have hope for healing now."
    Elizabeth 3/15/19 - Answer to Prayer
  • "Dr Durham is amazing. She takes the time to hear the patient and is extemely knowlegable."
    Susan 3/16/19 - Amazing
  • "All the staff were very helpful & Susan Durham was very thorough & professional"
    Jill 3/14/19
  • "Dr. Durham and her staff are the best and most knowledgeable dealing with brain injuries. Highly recommended!"
    Kristina 3/11/19 - Absolutely the best!
  • "Thought exam was personal, deteilrd and fully explained. Staff were prompt, kind, snd professional. I’d recommend Dr. Durham’s clinic to anyone needing eye care."
    Thomas 3/10/19
  • "The staff was very polite and extremely patient with my condition. Very specific about my condition and caring to help me recover. We will have a long road to recovery together."
    Elizabeth 3/11/19
  • "Didn't have to wait. Very thorough eye exam."
    Sandy 3/7/19 - Great eye checkup
  • "My visit was more than I could of asked for. I told my friends about my visit to the future. Dr. Dunham was extremely knowledgeable, concerned and determined to get it right, Her staff seemed to respect her greatly. staff was trained very well and gave me the confidence they knew what they were doing.
    I have already told my friends about my visit to the future."
    Patricia 2/24/19 - Everything was perfect.
  • "My daughter and I have have had great experiences at Brier Creek Vision! Dr. N. Is fantastic!! The office staff is super friendly, accommodating and very pleasurable to work with. Eye glass frames are plentiful and the opticians are helpful, suggestive and patient! Thanks to everyone for making all of visits wonderful!!"
    Cynthia 2/14/19 – Great Experience
  • "Dr Nakagawara is open, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Karim Glover in the optical dispensary took great care in explaining and helping me to get great value on a new set of prescription sunglasses that will do much more than my previous set. Extremely happy.
    Loved the Optician!"
    Thomas 2/22/19 - Great Doctors and Team...
  • "I cannot tell you how happy I am with Brier Creek Vision. Everyone from the moment you enter, all the way through the appointment, is knowledgeable friendly and caring. I receive excellent and professional care. Highly recommend!"
    Helen 2/21/19 - Excellent care
  • "Went from 20/30 to 20/20! The sky is the limit with dr Patel. Will continue to bring both my kids here...."
    Temidayo 2/17/19 - Dr Patel Rocks!!!!
  • "I have had nothing but amazing experiences here! The entire staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I have never walked away unsatisfied."
    Shelby 2/14/19 - Awesome!
  • "This office has all of the latest equipment and skills to take care of your eyes."
    Wales 2/6/19 - Great eye care!
  • "The atmosphere in the office is very pleasant and welcoming. I always feel comfortable in both the waiting room and the exam rooms. Selecting glasses is also a breeze, as the staff is extremely helpful and knowledgable."
    Kris 1/31/19 - Amazing Experience
  • "Our family visit was over the top. The entire staff took their time and made sure each and everyone's exam was through. No pressure to buy glasses. Our experience with Dr. Nakagawara was outstanding!!"
    Melissa 1/31/19 - Recommend
  • "I always have the best visit at Brier Creek Vision. My Doctor, Esther Nakagawara, is the best at what she does! She handles the procedures with care, caution and concern, explains well and has the best solutions to keep your eyes healthy. The staff is accommodating, patient and very kind to everyone; they never mind answering questions. The opticians are helpful in assisting with the selection of eyecare that looks good and works the best for you. I have told many people about my positive experiences at Brier Creek Vision and recommended this office as well."
    Kailah 1/30/19 - The Best in Eyeccare!!
  • "My family and I have been patients of Brier Creek Vision for 2 years. Dr. Nakagawara is a very caring and skilled OD who communicates, teaches and plans well. The staff and optometrists are inviting, knowledgeable and very helpful. We have recommended BCV to all our friends and family!"
    Cynthia 1/30/19 - Highly recommend
  • "I was thrilled to learn about the new Shaw lens concept to treat my daughter's amblyopia!"
    Molly 1/30/19 - Excellent Experience